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Refunds & Returns Policy

At HHH Diagnostics, we work on a strict no refund policy with no exceptions.


As soon as you place an order, HHH Diagnostics automatically processes your order and provides you with a unique booking reference number (this begins with HHHDI…). As soon as this number has been generated by us, we can no longer provide a refund on the purchase and no cancellations requests will be accepted.


HHH Diagnostics is not liable for any information which may have been entered incorrectly by you. Therefore in this instance, no refund will be provided.


We cannot offer a refund if the testing kit did not arrive before Day 2 of your isolation due to a delay outside of our control such as postal delays.


Due to the risk of transmission with COVID-19, once the testing kit has been received by you, we can no longer accept it as a return.